Double your sales per call! We append emails to a telemarketing file, then feed eCampaign leads in Real-Time to your team for warm-calling at the exact moment of interest.

We dramatically increases your sales per call. We append emails to a telemarketing file, then our unique eCampaignTracker- Real-Time Campaign Tracking (eCampaignTrack) system "feeds" your telemarketing team leads within 1 second of the responder's click-through for calling at the exact moment the prospect has time, interest, is by the phone, and even on your web site (easily increases your sales per call)!

The telemarketing list is appended with emails using our exclusive EmailAppendPlus™ technology (far more accurate than any other appending process).

Real-Time Clicks (RTC's) "fed" to your telemarketing team immediately within 1 second of the responder's click-through for perfect call timing.

We return a powerful file to you ranked by the prospect's interest in your product using our exclusive ranking system (behavior-based from opens/clicks/replies) for smarter calling sequence and depth.

BEST Response Rates Guaranteed!!
Better Lists, Better Creatives, Better Tracking and Better Reporting

  • Our exclusive EmailDNA process allows us to build the deepest permission-based lists in the industry with 4 times more actual decision makers than any other list source.
  • Unlike list rental and data companies, we hire proven professionals who groom every campaign to ensure its effectiveness, personalization and appeal.
  • Our exclusive Real-Time ClickLeads (RTC) system feeds interested prospects to you within 1 second of their click-through to your web site for your follow-up at the exact moment they have both time and interest.
  • Our exclusive E-Scoring of the database sent to you ranks the prospects based on their interest in your product. This enables you to save thousands of dollars in time and money determining which prospects to pass to your sales team, which to telemarket, which to only direct mail, and how often.