Immediate Lead
Follow-Up = 100 Percent Value

Do you have a plan for immediate, post-event lead follow-up? The day after the event, your pile of leads is worth 100 percent of its value. A month after the event, the leads are worth half of that, yet it still costs 100 percent in company time and resources to follow them up. Here are three tips for smoothing the route to immediate follow-up:

  • Prepare all follow-up materials before the event. Identify necessary codes; write cover letters, order materials and postage.
  • Assign a lead follow-up manager. Choose someone who will not attend the event, so he or she can begin the follow-up process immediately. Also select a single person to be responsible for compiling the leads each night at the event to forward them to your follow-up manager.
  • Immediately re-qualify leads post-event. Re-qualify buying interest and product needs via telemarketing, quick-fax or another contact method. Then follow up with the appropriate literature and cover letter.