Reliable, deliverable email addresses. Permission-based email addresses.

You've invested considerable time and money into organizing your Event and communication. You need to migrate more of your customer relationships online in order to maximize that investment. Email is still the most effective way to drive website traffic. Simply put, you need your customers' email addresses –Try our Email append service and experience 50% to 95% append rates. Send your prospect/attendee database to us and we shall run across our opt-in 50 million updated business contacts, returning you list with appended emails. This is the most critical element of any marketing initiative as over 30% of all email addresses change annually!

Our email appending process

We have a 50-member data email append team who works on matching the contact with his email address and also makes sure that it's a deliverable email address.

The file is matched against various databases we host and when a match is found, the email address is added to the client's file.

At the completion of the email appending process, the enhanced file returned to the client. The email addresses that are appended were those matched and are successfully deliverable.

During the data collection process, subscribers voluntarily disclose their personal information, and have access to view a privacy policy stating that their information could be shared with third parties that have "customer relationships" with the individual.

As people move, it can be easy to lose touch with your customers. Utilizing our Extended Address Verification, we can still enhance records that have outdated postal addresses with a current email address!