Send an eCampaign and receive a list of the top executives in your target Industry. You may also target by title (see below), size, or location. This list is carefully researched quarterly by calling and emailing each company to determine and verify their contact information and direct email address.

Current and over 95% deliverable, this is by far the most comprehensive and targeted list of its kind for precision marketing. The database we send to you will be prioritized using our e-Score so that you can easily zero in on the prospects most interested in your product. We will also provide Real-Time ClickLeads (RTC) and contact information to you within 1 second of their clicking so that you can follow-up while they are still on your site!

Chop mailing costs. Our exclusive Emailgenisis process delivers 4 times more business emails appended and far better accuracy than any other append service.

Cut mail costs in half! we convert your mailing list into emails, then send an eCampaign at half the cost yet equal or higher response rates.

eCampaign Using Your Postal Lists

eCampaign easily cuts your mailing costs in half by converting your postal mailing list into emails. We then execute an eCampaign with response rates usually equal or higher than your past direct mail results. Instantly cut your mailing costs in half!

There is no need to spend so much on postal direct mail when we can achieve similar results at a much lower cost. ListK experts in direct marketing will guide you through the process quickly and effectively for an exceptional ROI. As an added bonus, we even E-Score your file so you know which prospects to focus upon.

The Process

  • Your regular mailing list is appended with emails using our exclusive EmailAppend technology (far more accurate than any other appending process).
  • Our expert email marketing creative team will help optimize your eCampaign copy for maximum effectiveness.
  • We then send the eCampaign to generate both leads and sales. Reports are available in real time.
  • Your Clickthrough file is returned to you ranked and scored by prospect interest in your product and links they clicked.