About Event marketing and About Event management solutions

With 10+ years of experience, EventGain combines 120+ million database with the years of knowledge, expertise and creativity to help companies to build successful relationships with their customers.

EventGain is a pioneer in the space of Full Service Event Marketing and Event management Solutions. Our forte is in harnessing Marketing events like Seminars, Trade Shows, Webinars and Web Casts to be effective methods of reaching a broad prospect base in a short time period.

EventGain sees your events as a key business driver. Therefore EventGain is committed to drive your event attendance to the point of maximized ROI.

EventGain will contact your target attendees. We indemnify that you are getting the right people to the event. EventGain Full Service Event Marketing and Management Solutions delivers Event Planning, Event Marketing, Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Event Registration and Post Event Communication Support.

Event gain can also provide email-appending services to affix an email address to the probably outdated data on your database. Our partner service providers will supplement this if necessary with telemarketing services.

EventGain is committed to maximize your business potential with increased attendance; increased convenience to the end user and increased revenue with significant cost saving.

EventGain is the most affordable Full Service Event Marketing Service Provider in the market today. EventGain can process the most demanding event marketing requirements and meet the most stringent of deadlines.

EventGain has access to integrated multi-channel (postal, email, telephone) business information, including detailed demographics like sales, industry, employees, sic code data.

With EventGain as your partner – you can be rest assured of meeting the targeted registrations for the event. We are not interested in just bringing people to attend one of your events. We are interested in bringing you the opportunity to nurture long and lasting business relationships with your prospects.

EventGain has been successfully catered to

  • Corporate Business Customers hosting Seminars/Webinars/ Events
  • Associations and Association Management Companies
  • Event Production Companies and Meeting Planners
  • Online and Traditional Education and Training Providers
  • Churches and other Faith/ Niche Organizations
  • Fan Clubs, User Groups and Other Member Organizations
  • Membership Dues, Fundraising, Donations
  • Training Classes, Workshops, Lectures
  • Clubs, Concerts, Tours, Plays, Performances
  • Fairs, Festivals, Forums
  • Reunions, Parties, Networking Mixers
  • Fashion Shows, Sporting Events & More

Wherever there is an event, EventGain will be there to bring the right people there!

EventGain provides integrated multi-channel (postal, email, telephone) business information, including detailed demographics like sales, industry, employees, siccode data. Our services enable clients develop and implement their event marketing initiatives with intelligent direct marketing campaigns to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

EventGain is committed to providing the world's best lists and sales leads.

Every month approximately one million businesses change within our database. From one year to the next, 70% of the businesses within our database have a significant amount of change. We gather data from multiple sources and telephone-verify the information so you get nothing but the best, most accurate information.

Events enable you to drive many useful channels for your messages, such as email, product samples, coupons and targeted direct marketing. EventGain's multi-channel communication solutions identify the consumers' preferred communication mediums and allow you to connect with receptive audiences on an ongoing basis.