Event Marketing Solutions

  • Targeted audience is key to success of your events.
  • Targeted audience is key to success of your events. bullet The success of any event is in who attends it, we will help you get the right people there.
  • Create, nurture and retain business relationships.
  • Business relationships don't just happen; invite them with your events.
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Email Campaigns & Lead Generation Services

  • Send out targeted, personalized emails and online invitations
  • Real time reporting system of each campaign.
  • Multi-Level lead and click tracking.
  • Advanced Delivery Options.
  • Increased online branding, website traffic and viral marketing opportunities.
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Data Cleansing & Email Appending Services

  • Reduce mailing costs by converting your postal database to an email database.
  • Renew your undeliverable email records. Upto 30% of a typical email list can go bad annually.
  • We only charge for results not inputs.
  • Connect with your online customers – offline.
  • We handle your permission campaign after the email append.
  • We guarantee deliverability of emails that we provide to you.
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